UBEA Costume Rules

Syllabus Events

Elementary, Junior High, and High School

  • Ladies
    • Skirt and top must be worn
    • Skirts:
      • Skirt must be black and at least knee length.
      • Plain or pleated with minimum 1 to maximum 3 half circles. One simple underskirt allowed which is no larger or longer than top layer.
      • No uneven hem lines, no use of boning, frills, splits, openings, fishing line or edging (including lettuce edging). Edging or trim of any kind, including ribbon, satin, lace, sequins, etc., is not allowed.
      • A simple hem is required.
    • Top
      • Must be black.
      • Necklines
        • Boat/scoop, high neck, v-neck, sweetheart, ‘peter pan’ collar, and regular collar are allowed.
        • Edging or trim of any kind including ribbon, satin, lace, sequins etc. is not allowed.
      • Sleeves (required)
        • Long, short, elbow length, cap, or puff are allowed.
        • Cannot be replaced by trimmings, frills, or edging on the shoulder line.
        • No “finger loops” allowed.
    • Materials
      • No glitter, metallic thread, or fabric creating ‘light or pattern effects’.
      • No use of feathers, fringes, bows, belts, frills or sequins.
    • Socks
      • White ankle socks or flesh colored pantyhose or fishnets must be worn.
    • Other
      • No use of arm bands, chokers or headbands.
      • No decoration is allowed on skirt, top or in hair.
      • Small earrings allowed.
      • Basic makeup allowed.
      • Gathering or sheering on the bodice is not allowed.
  • Gentlemen
    • Trousers
      • Black or dark blue color only.
      • High waist optional.
      • Underfoot strap optional.
      • Satin stripes allowed.
    • Shirts
      • Plain white long sleeved collared shirt only.
      • No pleats or ribbing.
      • Sleeves to be worn at wrist length.
    • Materials
      • Fabrics must be plain, i.e.: cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blend, wool blend.
      • No satin or shiny fabrics.
      • No rhinestones, glitter, metallic thread, patterns or sequins allowed.
      • Decorations – not allowed.
    • Tie
      • Black color only, may be either straight or bow.
    • Socks
      • Black or dark blue color only.
    • Shoes
      • No restrictions.
    • Makeup
      • Not allowed.
    • Hairstyle
      • Long hair must be worn in a ponytail.
    • Other
      • Sweaters and vest not allowed.
      • No earrings allowed.


  • Gentlemen: Dress shirt, tie, slacks (optional bow tie and/or vest or sweater, suspenders or cummerbund). Plain black Latin pants or tails pants may be worn only for Gold level events.
  • Ladies: Nice dress or skirt and top with no sequins, rhinestones, feathers, glitter, fringe or similar decorations. Length must be at least to the knee and slits not to exceed 3 inches. No accessories. Hose or fishnets are required.

Competition organizers may determine syllabus attire constitutes a costume and ask couples to change. Couples who continue to wear attire determined to be a costume in a syllabus event will be subject to disqualification.

Open Events

Pre-Teen 1 and 2

  • Gentlemen: Same as Syllabus costume restrictions above, however, gentlemen may substitute a black shirt or dark blue pants or dark blue socks.
  • Ladies: Same as Syllabus costume restrictions above, however, Ladies’ dresses must be made of fabric only one color throughout. Must have block heel style not to exceed 1.5 inches in height. NO FISHNETS! NO MAKE UP!

*Pre-Teen 2 competitors who dance up to Junior categories must remain in the approved Pre-Teen costumes.*

Junior & Youth

Junior and Youth Championship Couples may wear the attire specified for Syllabus events or attire specified for Adult open events (below).


  • Gentlemen: Costumes appropriate to the style.
    1. Latin shirts may be open to a point eight inches down from the Supra Sternal Notch (Jugular Notch) Junior and Pre-teen Latin shirts may be open down to the sternum.
    2. Sheer fabric may only be worn on the arm. No sleeveless shirts.
    3. No earrings.
  • Ladies: Costumes appropriate to the style.
    1. Regular cut dance trunks and fishnet hose must be worn.
    2. Straps over both shoulders of at least one inch in width are required. If multiple straps go over a shoulder at least one strap must be the required one inch from front to back. Halter tops or designs that resemble them are not permitted.
    3. Lower backs must be covered from a point five (5) inches above the waist line.
    4. Sheer fabric on the bodice may be used from the top of the bust-line up, in front, and in the back, from five inches above the waist up, in this case straps are not required.
    5. Skirts may be broken or slitted from the trunk line down, but must cover the legs to mid-thigh when not in motion.
    6. Cutouts or nude fabrics are not allowed.
    7. Skin from the front to a point several inches behind the sides (axilla-line) must be covered.
    8. Except for block-style heels, heel guards or protectors MUST be worn by all ladies at all times.